10 Team Members You Need For Your Digital Transformation

Digitalisation is starting to evolve into a form of a virus – it’s spreading all around. Not stopping. And, if you haven’t caught this train by now, don’t think you can wait much longer.

Every employee is a digital employee. Except when it’s not. Except when you don’t nurture the mentality and culture that breaths technology and web.

As hard of a project that may be for the pre-digital companies, digital transformation will keep the company alive and drive future growth. It will also allow the company to spread their business into areas not discovered, reach audience that hasn’t heard of them before, and build a brand among the digital population that is only increasing.

But, the main question is – how to build a digital team with specific task to lead your digital future? Read on and be ready to take notes:

Corporate Accelerators
Are corporate accelerators bad for your startup?

Corporate accelerators are outposts of (established) for-profit organisations that are designed to accelerate the growth of a startup using the corporate resources.

This post helps you to decide if a corporate accelerator is worth considering as part of your financing and growth plan. For corporates the argumentation and design is a lot more complex and will be covered in a new post (if you can’ t wait for it get in touch).

Interview with Arun Pudur
My Interview with Indian Tech Entrepreneur Arun Pudur

Arun Pudur is an Indian tech entrepreneur. We met during startupcon and had a chat about startups, entrepreneurship, lessons learned and differences between the Asian and the European startup ecosystem.

Aruns advise in a nutshell: Start local, bootstrap, focus on revenues and why borrowing money from your mother is a good thing.