Interview with Arun Pudur

My Interview with Indian Tech Entrepreneur Arun Pudur

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Arun Pudur is an Indian tech entrepreneur. We met during startupcon and had a chat about startups, entrepreneurship, lessons learned and differences between the Asian and the European startup ecosystem.

Aruns advise in a nutshell: Start local, bootstrap, focus on revenues and why borrowing money from your mother is a good thing.

Is Arun a “tech billionaire”?

First, Arun was introduced at the conference as a tech billionaire. Though there are some arguments and different opinions on that (some more observations in Forbes). I pick up on that question as many people responded to that interview with arguments about that.

I’m not Forbes, nor do I personally care if he is or is not a billionaire. Arun has entrepreneurial blood running through his veins. He has a lot to share about startups and building a company. For me, Arun is a nice and easy guy and I really appreciated talking to him. Therefore Arun: you are welcome any time. You are one of us startup & tech guys.

PS: More background on Arun can be found on Wikipedia.